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Tylson Designed Grounding/ Earthing Sheet, Muscle Recovery Bag with Cord

  • Recovery Bags and earthing sheets have been used by athletes and people who travel to aid in the relief of muscle fatigue, stress, and injury.
  • This bag has silver threads throughout and utilizes the ground in a normal outlet to remove stored up energy that we pick up from our environment
  • Can be machine washed and dried. Very easy to care for.
  • Folds up flat so it can be easily taken with you. It can also be unzipped and laid flat as a bottom or top sheet

This is made of high quality construction. Helps in the recovery of muscles and tissue due to the removal of high voltage levels in the body. Can easily be taken with you when you travel to help relieve stress. It just plugs into the bottom hole on any standard american outlet. If you travel internationally you will need the appropriate adapter.