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Can Earthing Prevent Adrenal Fatigue?

Humans spend a big part of their lives connected to the earth; of course not in an intangible manner, but in real life physical proximity. Many have played or walked barefoot, or put on shoes with naturally conductive soles such as leather. We have even gardened routinely kneeling or holding the earth with our bare hands. Electro-magnetically speaking, we are “grounded”.

The earth carries a negative charge while our bodies carry a positive one. When the earth comes into contact with our bodies, there is a transfer of electrical energy from positive to negative, up to a situation where neutrality is attained.


Mr. Ober is the man who made a life shaking discovery in regards to grounding. He discovered that when people slept while grounded, in some way the body healing process took a swift positive leap. Mr. Ober, with his new found understanding, designed a technique where people could be grounded on their beds. The outcome of this study was that 85% of the tested individuals fell asleep faster when they were grounded and 93% disclosed they slept better. After waking up, they said there was a marked feeling of restfulness, less muscle stiffness, and a significant reduction in back related issues.

One of the researchers that Mr. Ober teamed up with in this type of studies was an endocrinologist. He just wanted physical proof or confirmation that earthing was the idea behind him and his friends sleeping better. The endocrinologist believed he would assess that belief by measuring cortisol levels.

What is cortisol?

This is a hormone which your adrenal glands release. Normally, the levels should be high at daybreak so that you can get up feeling energetic and refreshed. Alternatively, it should decline throughout the day and only go up or drop before and after having meals.

Unfortunately that is not what happens to many of us; instead, we have cortisol imbalances which can be diagnosed as either mild fatigue to a severe thyroid problem. The levels max out later in the day instead of peaking at 8 am.

People, whose levels max out later in the day, tend also to have high cortisol levels when they are meant to be going to bed. Therefore, while they may be physically exhausted at 10 pm, their brain refuses to shut down. Obviously, this makes them suffer from insomnia.

 The results of the cortisol based study   

The study examined participant’s cortisol levels during the day prior to grounding in order to determine the baseline point for every participant. Then, each participant’s levels were also tested after they slept grounded.

This is what happened. After grounding, the participant’s cortisol levels went back to a more normal state; a big reason why Mr. Ober and friends were sleeping better.

What does this mean?

If you are among those who experience adrenal fatigue or any kinds of thyroid imbalance which keeps you awake throughout the night or makes you feel slothful during the day, you might wish to try grounding yourself. There are various grounding sheets available today in the market that can be used for this purpose. A considerable number of users of these sheets have recorded improved results in their lives. They claim they are more productive during the day and sleep quite peacefully at night since they started grounding themselves.

We referenced and recommend Clinton Ober's book: 

Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever!

by Clinton Ober and Dr Stephen T Sinatra M.D.