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Black and Silver RFID Blocking Faraday Shielded Fabric: Radiation WIFI & RF Shielding: 40x40 Nickel & Copper EMF Identity Theft Blocker for your Wallet Phone or Laptop. Includes 20' Grounding Cord


Perfect to block WIFI signals, EMF Radiation, and GPS tracking.

This has a silver side and a black side, so it gives you more options when adding to your clothes, purse, hats etc.. 

Resistance of .03-.05 OHM 
Shielding Efficiency of 70-84 db. 

Large size 40 inches by 40 inches. 
Remember that if you want to block EMF's you must ground the fabric so it has a pathway away from you.

This includes a grounding cord that plugs into the bottom hole on a standard american outlet.


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